How does it work?

A treatment session usually lasts 60 minutes. The techniques are performed directly on the skin and without the use of any oil or lotion. Patients are asked to wear loose shorts and a sport bra, or a bathing suit, to make it easy to detect and treat the fascial restrictions in most parts of the body.

When the therapist finds a restriction, they will apply a gentle, sustained pressure or a traction onto the myofascial system to release the pressure caused by the restriction on the muscles, nerves, organs or blood vessels.

The holds can last five minutes and more, depending on how long it takes for the tissue to respond and soften. When the tissue releases, it can feel like a warm vibration, jumps under the skin, melting or taffy stretching.

Although there are releases within the first minutes, it's essential to wait at least five minutes per restriction to allow the physiological responses necessary for a full release of the fascial restriction. During that time, the patient will often feel that the area of tension is shifting, bubbling, fading or moving to another area. It's important that the patient feels and connects to those sensations by bringing their awareness in.

During the treatment, patients usually feel very relaxed. As the tissue releases and the patient lets go, it's normal to observe little or not-so little movement in the body. The John F. Barnes' approach to myofascial release is a very safe and non-forceful therapy.