Myofascial release therapy

L'Autre Voie - "The Other Way" - specializes in the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach and is located in Montreal, Quebec. This form of manual therapy addresses the connective tissue (fascia) in order to release pain, improve function and restore the body.

The John F. Barnes approach to myofascial release is different from most forms of therapy or body work. Not only does it effectively treats all sorts of symptoms, it also treats what is causing them, providing long-lasting and permanent effects on the body.

How does it work ?

The therapists work directly on the skin, without any massage oil or cream. They find restrictions in your myofascial system (myo = muscles, fascia = connective tissue) and then proceed to release them by applying a gentle pressure and stretch to the tissue.

This approach is not forceful and it cannot injure or harm you. Your therapist will listen to your body and your feedback at all time.

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L'Autre Voie - Myofascial Release Therapy

823 Laurier Ave East #300, Montreal, Qc, H2J 1G2