Fascia therapy at its best

The John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release approach is a form of manual therapy that addresses the connective tissue (fascia) in order to release pain, improve function and restore the body. It is one of the pioneers and the most powerful of fascia therapies.

This form of myofascial release is different from other forms of manual therapy. It is rooted in osteopathy, and focuses solely on the release of fascia in order to act on all systems of the body, and on all of its structures. This technique brings persistent and permanent changes in the body, as much on a physical as on a psychological or emotional level.

How does it work ?

The therapists work directly on the skin, without any massage oil or cream. They find restrictions in your myofascial system (myo = muscles, fascia = connective tissue) and then proceed to release them by applying a gentle pressure and stretch to the tissue.

The effectiveness of this technique lies in allowing the body to release tensions and restrictions on its own, rather than forcing the adhesions to be "broken". This approach is not forceful and it cannot injure or harm. Your therapist will listen to your body and your feedback at all time.

How can myofascial release help ?

If you have any of the following conditions, John F. Barnes Myofascial Release can help you relieve symptoms, regain lost mobility, and move toward the state of health and wellness you seek.

Chronic pain                                       Head injury                                              Headache/migraine

Fibromyalgia                                      Post-traumatic stress disorder             Difficulty breathing

Tendonitis                                          Temporomandibular disorders            Restless leg syndrome

Myofascial syndrome                       Sports injuries and accidents                Digestive disorders

Menstrual pain                                  Inflammatory conditions                       Chronic diseases

« Gabrielle is one of the best massage therapists I know. No one has helped me like she has: myofascial release has brought me back to myself, allowing me, little by little, over the course of sessions, to let go of the resistance that was preventing my body from letting go. Her approach has lasting results that transform daily life, I never imagined I would be able to get rid of such major restrictions. I recommend Gabrielle's services more than highly, especially to those living with chronic pain. »

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« Gabrielle is attentive, reassuring and knows her approach. I was able to lay down on the massage table with confidence and relax during the treatment. It's an approach where you feel active in the relief of pain. It is fundamental to no longer feel that we are only subjected to pain and to have in our pocket the tools to live with it. Thank you! »

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« Gabrielle gives her full presence while practicing John Barnes Myofascial Release. Her gentle approach, sense of humor and deep listening have helped me in every session that I have had with her. She has also taught me invaluable self-treatment strategies that have furthered the results of our sessions and helped me function on a daily basis.I am so grateful to have a JFB MFR therapist in Montreal (when I first started treatments I had to drive to Ottawa!) and that Gabrielle is so good at her job! »

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« A gentle approach that works in depth, I am always impressed with the results when I come out of a session. A real chance to be able to experience myofascial release. »

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« Gabrielle is a gem and a light in this world. She has an extremely calming presence that allows you to surrender to the process. She is great at what she does and I have had so much healing since I started working with her in myofascial release. I highly recommend Gabrielle and am grateful to have found her! »

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